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Supervisor post

An international call-center in the country of Tunisia recruits the following….

We are seeking the right candidate to manage a team of 20 employees in a call center. You will supervise and help commandeer the call center employees in both the reception of calls, as well as assisting to ensure that fixed objectives are met. You will draw up the production plateau of the night shift team, as well as analyze performance with real-time statistics.

Your main goals:
- Having knowledge of the team’s fixed objectives, you will be in charge of organizing the steps needed in order to help obtain these goals.
- You will confirm that the policies and procedures of the company are respected.
- You will prepare, ensure, and verify proper maintenance of scheduling.
- You have a keen sense of supervision, able to relay and explain operational impacts to your team when necessary.
- You will be in charge of establishing synergy between various services within the company, helping keep a positive link among employees and team management.

Profile :
Bac + 2/3 minimum, you must possess a positive ability to manage, and a capacity to adjust in all working relationships. This includes but is not limited to employees, clients, and others associated with the company.
Your ability to prepare and coordinate is most important, and an ability to understand the relational side of employees is essential.
Candidate must have a minimum of 3 years experience in call-center management.
Send your CV to: e-mail
You can also contact us directly on 71940487

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