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Team manager

Ulysse call center based in Sousse is now recruiting team manager. We are a branch of an European company working with international countries.

We are looking for some skilled Call center team managers (english spoken only) to supervise daily teams for maximum efficiency. Effective control to maintain discipline and coordination service. An excellent call center manager must be organized, reliable, adaptation. They must have a practical mind to solve problems and make improvements with good communication skills.

• Develop objectives for the call center's team day-to -day activities.
• Assume responsibility, lead your team.
• Evaluate performance.
• Prepare reports for upper management.

• Proven experiences as call center team manager
• Knowledge of performance evaluation
• Dynamic and fast learner
• Ability to adapt quickly
• Reactivity
• English spoken fluently or first language
• Previous work experiences in an english country is a plus

Send your resume to: e-mail
Number to contact: 73200853

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